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Hijama from prostatitis on what scheme to establish the point and how effective the method

May 29, 2018 Sports people


Hijama from prostatitis on what scheme to establish the point and how effective the method

Hijama from prostatitis: by what scheme to set points and how effective is the method
We will study what is Hijama from prostatitis, we will study the detailed scheme of installation points and find out how effective the unusual method of treatment is.

Hijama method for prostatitis: the installation of points

It has long been used hijama from prostatitis – is the oldest method of treatment of diseases of the urogenital organs. It helps to eliminate the processes of stagnation in the pelvic area. This procedure consists of performing some complex manipulations that allow blood to be removed from the body that is infected with pathogenic elements.

According to experts, the course covered by such a technique allows to improve the condition of a man. For this reason, it is safe to say that the method of oriental alternative medicine actually works.

The content of the article

  • General concepts
  • How is Hijama performed from prostatitis
  • Preparation for the procedure
  • Hijama points
    • Stages and terms of the procedure
    • Useful video: Hijama – the azab 500 oldest healing method
    • Contraindications
    • Side effects
    • After the session
    • Useful video: about the dangers and benefits of Hijama
    • Conclusion
    • General concepts

       To remove "contaminated" blood from the body, the skin is incised in certain areas, then banks are placed. Because of this, a vacuum is formed, pulling blood out of the incision.

      There are several options for performing such procedures. They are dry or wet.

      Removal of bad congestive blood has a rejuvenating effect on the body as a whole, and also starts the necessary processes that normalize the functioning of various internal organs.

      Hidzhema with prostatitis can not completely cure the disease. Bleeding only helps to improve the condition of the man. In addition, it eliminates stagnant blood containing pathogens that can provoke the development of inflammation of the prostate and other internal organs.

      Note! Such therapy is not suitable for patients in whom the disease is in the acute stage.

      It is preferable to apply the technique as a preventive measure against relapse of prostatitis. In addition, it helps to alleviate the methanabol tablets condition of a man at a time when the disease is just developing.

      How is Hijama performed from prostatitis

      During the procedure, banks are used, massaging acupuncture zones, stimulating nerve endings, as well as creating a vacuum, due to which stagnant blood is better excreted from the body.

      During the procedure, the accumulation of toxins from the body occurs. He begins to actively produce new blood, thereby improving its flow to various internal organs, in particular to the prostate. To achieve this effect, it is necessary to conduct proper preparation for the session, and perform all manipulations, observing the main requirements.

      Preparation for the procedure

      Before the hijama is held at the points, it is necessary that the patient is prepared for it. Especially important is his psychological attitude. Consider the following points:

      • Hijama should not cause men fear and negative emotions. He needs to believe that she will actually help him heal sooner.
      • 2 hours before the procedure is better not to eat or drink. You can only drink some water.
      • Before starting therapy, it is imperative that you consult with a specialist about all questions regarding the technique.
      • It is necessary to notify the doctor in advance about the existing diseases. In particular, care must be taken if it is an infectious disease.

      All preparation steps can be discussed with the doctor who will perform the manipulations.

      Hijama points

      The doctor looks at the complications and disorders that are caused by inflammation of the prostate. Then incises the skin in places for the transmission of blood, responsible for the functioning of the glands and body systems that are involved in the disease.

      The treatment of prostatitis in acute form with the help of such hijama is strictly prohibited. Blood loss can cause exacerbation of pathology. It is recommended to refuse the procedure if you suspect cancer.

      On all parts of the human body there are hijama points that are responsible for the functioning of the internal organs. If the hijama is placed on the body with prostate by a highly qualified specialist, then as a result of this procedure, dysuric disorders can be eliminated, the painful sensation can be reduced, the potency can be increased.

      It should be borne in mind that the independent execution of such manipulations can cause serious harm. For this reason, the procedure should be carried out only by an experienced drinking and bodybuilding physician.

      In the practice of Oriental medicine, the distribution of biologically active zones by digital values ​​is generally accepted. When inflammation of the prostate gland is placed Hijama on the acupuncture points 1, 6, 11, 12, 55.

      Usually in medical offices there is a schematic image on which points for hijams are applied. According to the figures indicated in the scheme, you can determine the points for the bleeding.

      Stages and terms of the procedure

      It is necessary that the medical office was sterile clean and in perfect order. If there is any doubt, it is recommended to refrain from the procedure and consult another doctor.

      How many sessions will be required depends on which approach to treatment is used. The Chinese method, in which about forty cans are used immediately, assumes that the hijama will be performed no more than once every 12-24 months. The Arab technique, which involves the use of no more than ten cans at the same time, is carried out once a week until the patient fully recovers.

      The stages of the procedure are as follows:

        Hijama from prostatitis on what scheme to establish the point and how effective the method
      1. Identify the active points that need to be affected.
      2. Processing involved areas of caraway oil.
      3. Disinfection of surgical instruments and other devices used.
      4. Installing cans for about five minutes.
      5. Removing cans.
      6. Shallow incision of the skin with a blade.
      7. Returning the cans to the treated areas and removing air from them.
      8. Extracting stagnant blood with a vacuum.
      9. Treatment of sections of the cut cumin oil for speedy healing.

      Arab healers with inflamed prostate with bloodletting must be treated on 17, 19, 21 days each month. In Chinese technology, there are no such restrictions.

      Useful video: Hijama – the oldest healing method


      Holding the hijama for the treatment of prostatitis will not work for nandrolone decanoate injection patients in the presence of the following conditions:

      • predisposition to thrombosis;
      • anemia;
      • violation of blood formation;
      • chronic fatigue syndrome;
      • low blood pressure;
      • reduced blood volume;
      • cerebral atherosclerosis.

      In order to avoid collisions with complications, it is necessary to undergo a comprehensive examination to make sure that there are no contraindications to performing the hijama.

      Side effects

      Hijama with inflammation of the prostate gland can be harmful if performed by an unqualified technician. In addition, side effects may occur due to the fact that the patient’s body reacts aggressively to the procedure.

      Negative reactions include the following:

      • increased weakness, lasts up to four hours;
      • sharp temperature jump to 40 ° С;
      • loss of consciousness;
      • nausea and vomiting;
      • exacerbation of disease symptoms.

      Note! Mostly negative reactions of the technique are associated with a large loss of blood.

      Experts consider the occurrence of such side effects as a variant of the norm that does not require the cancellation of therapeutic procedures.

      After the session

      During the procedure, the patient loses a large number of forces. For this reason, at the end of the session it is necessary to carry out rehabilitation in order to fill the body with the necessary energy. For successful treatment after bloodletting, the following rules are recommended:

      • Within 24 hours not to be subjected to excessive physical activity.
      • Some time after the procedure, do not swim, do not dive, do not go on long trips, and also refuse to fly, as this can provoke a jump in blood pressure.
      • Eat right. It is essential that light and healthy foods are present in the diet. So the body will not experience excessive loads when digesting food.
      • Fully relax, protect yourself from stressful situations, unrest, severe fatigue.
      • Give up cigarettes.
      • It is also important to warm those areas where the banks were placed. It is impossible that they are overcooled.
      • It is necessary to regularly treat wounds after incisions with antiseptic and other means prescribed by the doctor.

      If these simple rules are followed, the risk of side effects and worsening of well-being will be minimal.

      Useful video: about the dangers and benefits of Hijama


      Do not be afraid of such a procedure as hijama. This technique has been buy online steriods used for many years, and today it is quite popular in many countries, and is used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes in urological pathologies. It also helps to get rid of problems with potency and improve the functioning of the reproductive system.

      Hijama from prostatitis on what scheme to establish the point and how effective the method

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