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Interval training what is …

January 31, 2017 Interval training


Interval training – what is interval training: benefits of training and contraindications

Description of fitness practice Interval: how are the training, the rules and principles of training. Necessary inventory and shoes. About indications and contraindications.

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Practice Interval came from professional sports – it was used to train athletes. The main advantage is a small time cost.

Now interval training is actively used by fitness trainers to quickly lose weight.

Short breaks between exercises are the main difference of this direction, which reduces the duration of the session without reducing efficiency. With such workouts, a sufficient heart rate for active fat loss is maintained.

It absolutely does not matter what exercise is chosen, the main thing is the alternation of the active part with short breaks (10-30 seconds / 5-15 seconds, respectively). By the time, training will take up to half an hour maximum, which is very important nowadays because of the high employment of modern people with the lack of sufficient azab 500 time for full-fledged classes in the gym.

Here are some areas of interval fitness practice:

The combination of aerobics with the movements of the martial arts – Tai bo.

An aerobic complex and strength exercises are performed on the step platform, which is called Total body workout.

And Circuit training, which is the author, which uses all sorts of sports equipment.

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There is another type of interval program that is popular among the stars of show business, called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). It was specially designed to speed up the process of body correction and individual problem areas, including exercises for various muscle groups. Such training can last up to 2 hours with intervals of power load up to 10 minutes and cardio – 1 minute. But it is only suitable for people who already have good physical training.

To conduct such classes you need a certain experience in order to correctly calculate the optimal period of alternation of load. For example, intense exercise in the form of running, squats, jumps and push-ups alternates with a short rest. Repeated change of loads is carried out up to 10 times. At the same time, an important point: the pulse in the rest phase should not be less than 50% of the maximum values, and in the intensive one it can be reduced to 80%.

You can arrange such trainings for a couple of weeks, and then move on to the usual activities, changing the aerobic complex every 2 months, and strength training – 3.

Interval Training Techniques There are several interval training techniques that are often used to lose weight in a short time:

A team of researchers led by Dr. Izumi Tabata invented a method called Tabata — a load of high intensity alternates with rest, allowing you to apply any kind of exercise. It is performed for 20 seconds, then rest 10 seconds and so for 8 cycles (4 minutes). Then the following follows the same pattern, and so on;

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The Fitmix complex was created by instructor Leonid Zaitsev, where different movements of combat species alternate – with inclinations from blows, tilts to the sides with a pole, punches, hands, and so on. The time of receiving the load reaches half an hour;

Workouts that involve running and alternating segments of varying intensity are called Fartlek. Not only time is regulated here, but also steps: for example, you need to quickly walk 10 steps, then the same amount of jogging, 20 again quickly, the same number of steps jogging, 30 quick steps, and so on according to the same principle. Increasing the steps can go up to 100 or more, after which there is a similar decrease. The whole training takes Natural bodybuilding. – IU Job Hub 20 minutes.

To get rid of excess fat deposits, there is a huge amount of exercise from different types of fitness, any of which can be used for interval training. And depending on the chosen program, certain muscle groups will be used: upper shoulder girdle, abdominal, back, buttocks and legs.

You can even apply the Interval fitness practice to a beginner, but starting from a low load from 6 to 30 seconds of interval, gradually increasing it, watching your well-being.

There are no age restrictions for such activities – they are used both in sports practice and wellness for the cardiovascular system to work better, including weight loss.

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Necessary equipment and shoes For such training, you can use a variety of equipment:

Step platform.

Running track

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Exercise Bike


Any strength trainer, including dumbbells, barbell or neck from it, and so on.

The main thing – the regularity and focus on results.

Shoes Choose shoes, based on the planned load buying steroids online reviews: for each workout, it has its own. For example, if the complex consists of running exercises, then you need running shoes with shock absorbers, which reduce the load on the spine and joints when the foot touches the surface. Outwardly, they look like this – a massive heel part and a sloping front. The material of such shoes should be airtight and light, allowing you to feel weightlessness during movement. Such sneakers are also suitable for power Testosterone – which is elevated testosterone in men. – Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) loads.

Fans of dancing can be advised to buy jazz shoes, which are comfortable, light and soft, allowing you to freely pull the sock and bend the foot.

Barefoot can only do stretching, yoga and pilates, as with such exercises there is no shock load on the feet and spine. At the same time, bare feet also receive a massage of nerve endings, which will restore strength, give flexibility and tone to the body.

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Tip: choosing shoes for training, choose the right size. Otherwise, you will feel discomfort, increase the risk of injury and ailments of the musculoskeletal system.

Interval training at homeInterval training is available at home, but with one condition – there must be sufficient fitness experience. This is explained by the high load of such activities. And it is also very important to do all the exercises correctly, which is impossible without practice.

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Therefore, to start it is worth at least 3-4 months to walk into the gym and, under the guidance of a fitness instructor, master the basic movements: squats, pushups, lunges, abdominal exercises and others.

At home, it is recommended to perform programs such as Tabata and Fartlek.

About the rules, the principles of interval fitness and some recommendations

Before starting the main set of exercises, a warm-up is obligatory, which will prepare your body for intensive exercise. To do this, jumping with a rope, running on the spot, an exercise bike and other types of cardio load will do – it will take about 5 minutes.

For orientation in the phases of work, use a heart rate monitor – in aerobic mode, an increase in heart rate above 85% of maximum values ​​is not allowed. This is calculated as follows – 205.8 – (0.685 * age).

The duration of the training depends on the level of physical fitness – from 2 minutes to 30. The load increases gradually, starting with a small one, based on your well-being.

With half-hour workouts, it is enough to pay an interval program 3 times a week. The error of many beginners is more frequent occupations, which lead to a state of overtraining and, as a result, the rejection of such loads in general.

If the following symptoms are present, the schedule should be revised:

a feeling of tiredness;

persistent muscle pain;

rapid pulse even on days when there is no training.

Another tip – to improve efficiency, you can start taking nutritional supplements, which include green tea extract and caffeine. 400 mg of the first and 250 mg of the second, taken 45 minutes before the load, are enough – and the fat will be burned much faster.

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About contraindicationsInterval training, of course, is much more effective than other methods regarding weight loss, but not all of it is shown:

People suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system.

You can not apply such loads in various chronic diseases.

Therefore, before you begin to engage in this technique, you must visit a specialist to obtain approval and recommendations for permissible loads.

This also applies to newcomers to fitness, which will protect against negative consequences and preserve health.

Interval trainings can be mastered on fitness tours offered by the Protrip team.

Engage in pleasure, strengthen health and make your body slim and fit!

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