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Order DevOps

Order a DevOps Service and Solution

Order a DevOps Service and Solution

Create, connect and manage digital components on the go with CSWerk

The digital tidal wave has led to tremendous changes in terms of bringing development and operations from its bins into line with the rest of the organization. DevOps, Agile’s close companion, is one of the keys to making IT a suitable partner to increase business agility.

Despite many years of talk in the IT industry about bridging the gap between different technology groups, collaboration between application developers and IT operations is often referred to as “fencing promotion” into production. This means that there is a virtual wall between these two groups that hinders real collaboration. This is where DevOps comes in.

The main goal in CSWerk is to make changes to reliable and productive software (continuous integration services), and not to the test environment. However, this practice leads to conflicting goals for developers and operational engineers, since everyone sees the source of the problem in another. These two groups have historically worked in bunkers. Today, however, disruptive trends such as mobility, big data, the cloud, and social networks are driving demand for high-quality applications and services. And this is also faster than traditional approaches.

Need for DevOps

The specific objectives of the DevOps approach may cover the entire delivery pipeline. It includes an improved deployment frequency, which leads to faster entry into the market, a reduction in the frequency of failures in new releases, a reduction in the time between updates and a reduction in the average recovery time in the case of a new release, failure or other shutdown of the current system. Using the DevOps approach can make simple processes increasingly programmable and dynamic, which in turn ensures maximum predictability, efficiency, security and maintainability of operational processes.

CSWerk offers unique differentiators that allow you to go on a DevOps journey.

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